Digital Receipts with PayMyTabMore people are switching to paperless lives everyday. Why not? Its better for the environment, easier to keep track of receipts and statements and even in some cases, better for your health.

Let’s face it: paper receipts are flawed and antiquated. They can be lost, damaged, rip or fade over time while digital receipts can be organized and accessed from anywhere in the world and never lost (unless your inbox eats them). The hospitality industry, like many other industries, is beginning to embrace paperless operations and finding out that the benefits are vast for both the bottom line and the consumer.

PayMyTab provides customers with the ability to receive a receipt via email or text, ditching the paper for good. Now customers now have the capability for organized digital storage of expenses rather than trying to fish out crumped bits of paper from pockets and wallets after a business trip or vacation.


Better for Health and the Environment

According to,  250 million gallons of oil, nearly 10 million trees, and 1 billion gallons of water are consumed each year in the US in the creation of paper receipts, generating 1.5 billion pounds of waste. This daunting amount of waste, results in paper products filling over one quarter of all solid waste in landfills, including receipts.

But paper receipts also have a real health and human cost for both customers and employees. Ecology Center study reveals 93% of paper receipts are coated with BPA and can contribute to developmental, reproductive and neurological health issues by entering into your bloodstream and disrupt hormones.

In fact, studies show a person’s blood levels of BPA spike after they touch receipts. The receipts reviewed in the study were from “major retailers, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, fast-food restaurants, post offices and automatic teller machines (ATMs).”

Going digital is not only good for the bottom line and the environment but also for your beloved customers and employees.

Expense Reports and the IRS

Some consumers fear the wrath of the IRS for receipts not printed in traditional form. But the IRS is more modern than you may think.

In fact, electronic receipts have been allowed to serve as documentary evidence since 1997.  Each receipt just needs to include the vendor’s name and address, transaction date and the amount paid.  In the unlucky case you are under an IRS audit, a digital folder of receipts can be faster.  It might be intimidating to let go of your shoe box full of receipts, but a digital and paper free life is stress free and way more organized.

The Unexpected Perk for Restaurants

Aside from providing your customers with a safer and faster way to receipts, restaurants turning to solutions like PayMyTab and digital receipts are able to also capture customer information like emails and phone numbers to help provide a more customized dining experience with a comprehensive Guest CRM in the backend platform, DinerIQ.

This can in turn be used to improve brand loyalty, customer feedback and provide promotions that are actually relevant to your customer’s tastes and preferences.

DinerIQ Guest CRM

For restaurant operators,  PayMyTab and DinerIQ provide a seamless and fast way to send receipts to customers who need them. If a customer somehow lost a digital receipt in the crevasse of the inbox, or skipped the process during the purchase, managers no longer have to dig through piles of physical paper receipts or go to the back of the house.

DinerIQ’s innovative dashboard accessible online, anywhere in the world, allows managers to search for a customer’s transaction and easily email a receipt retroactively.

Welcome to the future: it is cleaner, easier and all digital.