No wallet? No problem! With PayMyTab, never wait for a check again: split, tip and pay right from your phone.

Restaurants participating in PayMyTab’s game-changing and innovative technology are offering guests not only the convenience of modern payments but also vital personal security and fraud protection needed in today’s tech driven world. Credit cards no longer have to leave the customer’s hands, servers reduce trips to the table and the establishment no longer risks financial loss due to walk-outs our chargebacks.

PayMyTab Mobile App

How does it work? PayMyTab seamlessly links to the current POS and existing hardware allowing guests to split, tip and pay right from their smartphones. Guests can invite friends, share experiences, post photos and write reviews. And restaurant owners and managers receive a complete guest profile that reveals everything from detailed transactional reviews, order history and personal preferences to map a guest’s entire relationship with a venue.

Users of the app are also able to access an entire social platform to discover new places nearby, explore menus and check verified reviews, follow influencers and their recommendations, share photos and post updates with friends, and receive customized promotions and offers that are catered to actual tastes and preferences.

Customers love not having to wait on a server to pay their bill. It’s easy, fast and a real gamechanger.

PayMyTab also offers an EMV compliant, pay-at-the-table solution in the form of sleek tablets with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Reduce chargebacks, increase table turns, gather vital reviews per transaction and offer guests the simplicity and peace of mind of a secure transaction without giving up their credit card.

Combining the PayMyTab Mobile App, EMV Tablet, Smartwatches (2018) and DinerIQ (the powerful marketing, loyalty and guest engagement solution behind PayMyTab) is the most seamless, comprehensive and impressive hospitality success platform on the market.

You can download PayMyTab’s mobile app for Android or Apple and use at participating venues.

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